Port Townsend
Serving the Children of the World

In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

To find out more about our Club's Committees, visit our Club Satellite, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7:00 am, at the Hwy 20 Roadhouse. 


Name Chairs Description
Backpack project Ott, Jim
YMCA/Kiwanis Backpack Program Sign-up Sheet Task of committee – The packing of the food for kids in need to be used over the weekend. Takes place in the basement of the gym at Mt. View school at 3pm on each Tuesday. Chair Persons: 1/ Ken Brink 2/ Helen Brink – 385-1327 – brinkkd@olympus.net Committee: 1/ Mel Bozak 531-1329 mabozak.@gmail.com 2/ Louise Raymond 385-4150 weez@olympus.net 3/ Lexi Paoli 531-2002 lexipaoli@hotmail.com 4/ Cori Seton 301-6962 bulz_eye@msn.com 5/ Jim Franklin 385-1986 cjfranklin@cablespeed.com 6/ Carole Franklin 386-1986 cjfranklin@cablespeed.com 7/ Jim Ott 437-0625 res02gb@q.com 8/ Marianne Ott 437-0625 res02gb@q.com 9/ Patty Fox 643-1746 patty1fox@hotmail.com 10/ Carla VanderVen 301-5048 carlav@cablespeed.com 11/ Nadine Jonientz 528-1502 nadinejonientz@gmail.com 12/ Steve Taylor 643-0935 stevetaylorss@gmail.com 13/ Jill Buhler 301-6099 jillb@olypen.com 14/ Gloria Atkins 385-2585 dngatkins@msn.com 15/ Dick Atkins 385-2585 dngatkins@msn.com 16/ Sue Arthur 643-2411 arthurs@questoffice.net 17/ Conrad Oien 643-3501 wineman33343@gmail.com 18/ Jan Carter 643-1186 momsbank@hotmail.com YMCA/Backpack Contact – Joan Williams – 301-6006 – joanhouse69@live.com A joint Venture with the YMCA, Port Townsend Kiwanis, Sunrise Rotary as well as other volunteers. Their biggest needs: 1.For Volunteers packing 2.Money - $275 per child per year 1/ Serves 50+ students in Port Townsend alone 2/ there is a need to serve more 3.Plastic bags 4.Non-perishable food
Bear Auction Carter, Kennith
Monthly event to raise funds for the administrative budget
Board of Directors Carter, Jan
2015-2016 General Board of Directors
Camp Beausite NW Bozak, Steve
Atkins, Gloria
Port Townsend Kiwanis supports Camp Beausite NW, a summer camp opportunity for people living with disabilities.
Charitable Trust Board Carter, Jan
2014-2015 Charitable Trust Board Members
Choo-Choo Franklin, Jim
Arroyo, Rowen
Przygocki, Kenneth
Dodd, Tommy E.
Maintenance and running of the Earl S Grambau Memorial Choo-Choo.
Classic Car Show Committee Crozier, David
Dodd, Tommy E.
The Port Townsend Kiwanis Annual Classic Car Show benefits Christmas for Children and promotes positive community through Classic Cars.
Club Satellite Brink, Ken
Kiwanis' morning planning meeting, focusing on particular projects and providing communication for committee chairs.
Community Service Olsen, Don
Metzer, Bill
Kiwanis is a service organization, supporting one community, one child at a time.
Dinner and a Murder Crozier, David
Crozier, Mary
Fundraising event for Kiwanis Children's Programs and OlyCap
EliMiNaTe Project Kiwanis International's President's Project
Finance Committee Bozak, Melanie
Gore, Rick
Finance, budget and fundraising. Fundraisers to include: Classic Car Show, Fish Fest, Golf Tournament, Safeway Cards, Winemakers Dinner.
Fish Fest
Foster Kids' Christmas / Christmas For Children / Toys for Tots Fristoe, Don
Liske, Kelly
Oien, Conrad
Paoli, Lexi
Providing gifts, coats and more to children in the community during the holidays.
Golf Tournament Committee Sather, David
Gore, Rick
Governor's Project Supporting the Kiwanis PNW District Governor's Project
Membership Committee Brink, Ken
Promoting membership in Kiwanis; Providing orientation of new members.
Public Relations (PR) & Website Bozak, Melanie
Quayle, Liz
Benner, Amber
Providing information about Kiwanis to the greater Jefferson County community and beyond, electronically and through printed media. Chair: Club Satellite Committee Website: Liz Quayle Committee Members: All Committee Chairs
Rhody Festival Support for the Annual Rhododendron Festival: Kiddie Parade (Jan Carter / Kelly Liske / Liz Quayle) Choo-Choo/Junior Royalty (see separate committee)(Ken Przygocki/Rowen Arroyo) Fish Fry (see separate committee)(Sue Arthur) Rhody Run Water Station (Steve Taylor / Bob Carter)
Risk Management Risk Management
Scholarships Carter, Kennith
Maintenance and distribution of Kiwanis Scholarships.
Snow Sports Organization for Youth Snow Sports program
Social Events Carter, Jan
Creating Social events for the club members.
Spiritual Values Olsen, Don
Supporting the human interest and care of our Kiwanis community.
Stars of Tomorrow Crozier, Mary
Sunshine Helander, Marge
Service and acknowledgement for those in our club through birthdays, illnesses and more.
Teen Leaders Bozak, Melanie
This is an annual awards program for teens who are nominated for their outstanding leadership and community service excellence. Teens are nominated in January by community members and the awards ceremony is held the end of February. Members of the committee include Louise Raymond, Marge Helander, Ed & Barb Zinser and chairperson Melanie Bozak. More members are always welcome!
Winemakers Dinner Oien, Conrad
Young Children Priority One Brink, Helen
Youth Services Brink, Helen
Providing funds and services for local youth and youth activities.