Port Townsend
Serving the Children of the World
Meeting Schedule
The Port Townsend Kiwanis Club meets every Wednesday at noon at the Hwy Twenty Roadhouse in Port Townsend.
We also have a Club Satellite meeting for those who are early risers or cannot get away at lunchtime. Our Club Satellite meets at 7:00 am, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at the Hwy Twenty Roadhouse.

Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome! 

Date Type Title
10/21/2017 Event

Location is in the Elks basement. Tickets at the door $10. Supports ASB, ELKS and local kid's programs. 

10/24/2017 Meeting

"Think Tank" for our Club Projects

10/25/2017 Meeting
11/01/2017 Meeting
11/07/2017 Meeting
11/08/2017 Meeting
11/14/2017 Meeting

"Think Tank" for our Club Projects

11/15/2017 Meeting
11/22/2017 Meeting
11/28/2017 Meeting

"Think Tank" for our Club Projects

11/29/2017 Meeting
12/01/2017 Event

What is this, anyway?

Dinner and a Murder is an (almost) annual fundraiser for children’s programs of the PT Kiwanis Club and OlyCap held at the Oscar Erickson Building at Jefferson County Fargrounds. ...

12/05/2017 Meeting
12/06/2017 Meeting
12/12/2017 Meeting

"Think Tank" for our Club Projects