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Donations for Toys for Tots - email Don Olsen here.


Do you know a family who could benefit from these programs? Click here for the application. For more information, email christmas4children@hotmail.com.



December 2016 - Contact Lexi by email at christmas4children@hotmail.com


Join us for our annual fundraisers to provide coats and gifts for children for the holidays:

Fill the Bus - December 6, 2015

Golf Tournament - March 2017

Christmas in July with Freddy Pink - July 2017

Classic Car Show - August 2017


Are you part of a car club? Do you purchase products to maintain your vehicle? Save your receipts! You can benefit our Toys for Tots efforts! 

Letter from the Toys for Tots office:


Dear Toys for Tots Coordinators:
The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation has just entered into an agreement with Auto Coz that will hopefully raise a lot of money for your local programs this year.  Beginning this month every member of a car, truck or motorcycle club who purchases Pennzoil, Quaker State or Shell Rotella Oil at their local Auto Zone retailer can generate a donation to Toys for Tots from Auto Coz.  All the purchaser needs to do is send the receipt of their oil purchase to AutoCoz.com (see attached flyer & press release) and they will donate 10% of that purchase to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.   It is important that your get your local car, truck and motorcycle clubs involved and encourage them to purchase their oil at Auto Zone.  This program is also available to those who are not members of a club, so encourage all your friends to purchase Pennzoil, Quaker State or Shell Rotella Oil at their local Auto Zone retailer as well.  We also ask Toys for Tots Coordinators to contact their local Auto Zone Stores to show your appreciation and to encourage them to promote and support this project. 
The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation realizes that many local Toys for Tots Programs are supported by car, truck and motorcycle organizations and hope that this project might generate a lot of money.   Please ask the leaders of these local organizations to go to AutoCoz.com to register their groups.  There is also a place for individuals, not part of these groups, to participate as well. 
Bill Grein
Major, USMC (Ret)
VP, Marketing & Development
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation