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Mariners' Memorial Project

A ceremony to pass the deed of trust from the Arthur family of Port Townsend to Kiwanis was held Wednesday February 5 on site at the proposed Kiwanis Mariners’ Memorial Park.

The idea of a Mariners’ Memorial was conceived by Bernie Arthur, former partner in Skookum Marine, who with his family donated a prominent 100’ parcel of downtown shoreline to Port Townsend Kiwanis for the project.

“Port Townsend has a long history of water-related events and this memorial will give a focus to all who went to sea,” Arthur explained. “The Kiwanis Mariners’ Memorial will commemorate all who were lost at sea, especially in and around Puget Sound.”

Makah Tribe hereditary Chief Walter McQuillen and his wife, Sarah, welcomed the project to the site where their ancestors dwelled and thanked the Arthur family and Kiwanis for honoring mariners lost at sea. 

“It is an honor to be included in the ceremony. This great man (Mr. Arthur) is doing a wonderful thing for the people that go to the water to provide for their family.“ - Walter McQuillen


Left to right: Sue Arthur, Julian Arthur, Dave Neupert, David Crozier, Germaine Arthur, Steve Enge, Tim Arthur, Kiwanis President Don Fristoe, donor Bernie Arthur, Dave O’Connor, Kiwanis Mariners’ Memorial Park Chairwoman Melanie Bozak, Carol Hasse, Port Townsend Mayor David King, Mary Arroyo, Mark Roye, Jefferson County Commissioner Phil Johnson, Rowan Arroyo, Makah Tribe hereditary Chief Walter McQuillen, Travis Nolette, Sarah McQuillen and Ed Barcott (partially hidden). 


Left photo: Sarah McQuillen and Makah Tribe hereditary Chief Walter McQuillen, facing Melanie Bozak and Bernie Arthur. 

Right photo: Sarah McQuillen and Makah Tribe hereditary Chief Walter McQuillen


Initiated by Bernie and Germaine Arthur, this project honors mariners who have been lost at sea. 

Medallions are available at $100 each to support this project. 

Email Project Chair Melanie at mabozak@gmail.com for information, donations, and purchase of Medallions.

We would also appreciate names of lost mariners who should be honored. Please contact Melanie, Sue Arthur or Bernie Arthur for this and other questions about the memorial.

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